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We are a consulting company that specializes in teaching and developing communication skills for business leaders. We believe that opportunities can best be uncovered when all voices are heard. In an instantaneous and global world, establishing the clearest and most appropriate pathways for communication ensures market leadership.
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Debbie conducted a Communications Workshop for our company during our annual retreat.  As an accounting firm, our staff members have very similar communication and work styles.  The value of the workshop was learning how to communicate effectively with our clients who have diverse communication styles and not necessarily the same style of communication as our staff.  Further, on an individual level, Debbie taught our staff strategies when communicating with colleagues or clients whose personal style was opposite of our own.   The workshop was engaging, thought provoking and has improved our interaction with clients.  I recommend Debbie and this workshop as an introduction to the many facets of communication.

Bill Caldwell

President, Caldwell & Co., CPAs

I have used DISC assessments routinely as part of my hiring process for over 10 years.  Attention to detail and responsiveness to our customers’ needs are key attributes of our corporate culture.  So, we are thorough in our hiring process to identify candidates with the best chances for success. The assessments combined with Debbie’s insights provide me with an important extra data point on each candidate.  After hiring, the information allows for quicker rapport and clues to the best communication avenues for the new staff member.

Brent Kynoch

President, KEM

Over a number of years I have come to value Debbie’s insights and the use of assessments to understand the behavioral and communication styles of my team members.  She has helped me to understand that behavior can be adapted as needed but we all have a style that is our comfort zone.  As a result, I try not to take employees too far outside their comfort zone and work with their already existing strengths.  When Debbie first introduced the assessments to me, I was not a believer.  Over and over again I have found them to be accurate predictors of a team member’s work behavior.

Pat Seery

EVP, OMNI Solutions Group

I’ve used Debbie’s services to help build a senior leadership team.  The insights gained from the assessments and her interpretations allowed us to be more effective and time efficient in meetings both internally and externally.  We also learned to use the strengths of each team member to full advantage and to look for new members who could address weak areas on the team.  I recommend Debbie and her suite of assessments if you are truly looking to build and develop a high functioning leadership team for your business.

Shirley Collier

CEO, Scale2Market
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Did you only get 50% of the conversation?

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